Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important you trust us with your best friends.
Here you will find answers to the most common questions.

Why Is My Dog So Scared When I Bring Him/Her For Grooming?

He doesn’t want to be separated from his beloved parent. He/she may shake, but this usually stops soon after you leave. We do our very best to make your dog feel safe and loved while he/she is here. Dogs will often feed off their owners emotions. To lessen stress on your pet, please do not hover when dropping off your dog. Show him you’re confident in leaving him and he in return will be more confident about staying.

How Long Will It Take?

It depends on:

Cooperation & Temperament of your dog.

Condition of the coat at the moment of the grooming.

Breed and Size of the dog.

Type of haircut.

Most grooms are completed within 4 hours.

Will My Dog Be Sedated?

We do not sedate our dogs, NEVER! We try very hard to get the groom done with love and patience

Can I Stay During The Groom?

Sorry, but no.

You are the love of your dog’s life and seeing you sends them into a frenzy of excitement. This can be dangerous when working with sharp tools, such as scissors and clipper blades, and is not safe. It has been our experience that most dogs are actually more stressed with their owners stick around.

Why Do You Insist On Shaving My Dog?

The only time we insist on shaving a dog down is when de-matting becomes painful or stressful for the pet. HUMANITY before VANITY.

Do You Accept Walk-Ins?

No, however, if there is available space we will make same-day appointments. Clients who make same-day appointments will need to understand that appointment dogs have priority so your furkid may be in the salon for an extended period of time. We highly encourage you to make appointments in advance.

How do I keep shedding to a minimum?

Regular brushing is not only healthy for the hair follicle and skin, but it will help get rid of old dead undercoat, which will minimize shedding.

How do I prepare my dog for his/her first bath?

There are certain things you can do not only to prepare for bathing but just to get your dog to learn to trust you in general. Lay them down with their belly up, and gently touch their paws, ears, open their mouth, etc. They must learn to accept you touching them all over. Give your dog grooming tools (brush, comb, toothbrush, etc), to sniff and be comfortable with. Run bath water and let them become accustomed to running water. Slowly, let them get used to the blow dryer. Remain positive throughout and praise them with treats.

How do you soothe a dog's anxiety at the groomer?

Dogs will squirm and fuss when there is anxiety in the air. A dog’s emotions work off the people and other dogs that they are surrounded by. At Pamper Your Pet we create a relaxed environment by nurturing and loving our canine clients.

Is it okay to bathe my dog on a regular basis?

You can bathe your furry friend as often as you like; as long as you are using the right shampoo, then their skin should not become dry. The staff at Pamper Your Pet can advise you about an appropriate shampoo for your dog that will be safe and beneficial to his or her specific coat and skin types

How often should I brush my dog's hair?

Dogs with short and smooth-coated hair can be brushed weekly. You can use a rubber curry and brush in the direction the hair grows. Dogs with long and full coated hair need to be brushed and combed several times a week, if not daily to keep their coats from becoming matted or packed with undercoat.

“Thank you Pamper Your Pet! I have had many pets in my lifetime but never had any groomed.  I guess there is a first time for everything.  Just had my Molly groomed at Pamper My Pet. The staff were extremely courteous and Molly came home smelling and looking beautiful. I am so happy. Thank you."

- Donna P

"Absolutely Love Pamper Your Pet. My dog came home looking beautiful. She did not want to leave the spa. I will be back with my best friend very soon."

- Sandra W.

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