Our pawlicies are put in place because we care about the dogs.  They are our #1 priority.  By having pawlicies and sticking to them, we are able to reduce stress and offer a more pleasant grooming experience for your furkid.

​* You will receive a reminder text of your appointment.


Please be ready to answer your phone while your furbaby is here! Your groomer may have questions for you and need your immediate attention. We will also need to get a hold of you for pick up.  If you are not going to be able to answer your phone while your pup is here, it might be best to reschedule on a day where you can be reached while we are caring for your furkid.


You may drop off your dog early. However, your pet may not get started on till their appointment time.

Aggressive Dogs:  If your dog is aggressive or difficult, please speak with the owner or manager to see if we will be able to accommodate you. We will only complete portions of the groom that will not put undue stress on him/her or endanger your pet or the groomer. We will only do as much as possible.

* There will be additional charges for pets with excessively matted or filthy coats due to the extra work and time involved.  We charge by the amount of time it takes to complete the groom. Dogs that go longer than 6 weeks between professional service may be at the higher end of grooming prices.

PLEASE… do not arrive early to pick up your furkid.  We will text or call you as soon as they are finished being pampered.  It is never our intention to keep your furkids away from you longer than needed.  Showing up early could cause your pup to go into a frenzy and make it not only dangerous but impossible to finish the groom.  Your pup may be here anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on the difficulty of the groom and how many furkids you have.

*Senior pets must be in good physical and mental health.  Grooming can be stressful for the older dogs and stress could weaken the immune system, therefore, we do not groom senior pets in bad health.  Some senior pets also become intolerant to the grooming process, causing them to become resistant.  This is dangerous.


Puppies must have at least two sets of vaccinations and the last set should be at least a week prior to coming in for an appointment.

Puppy’s first grooming: When a puppy comes to us for first-time grooming, we cannot guarantee we will be able to perform full grooming, sometimes it takes a few trips of just Bath and Brush before they are ready for a full groom. It all depends on how comfortable your puppy feels being around scissors or the noise of the clipper, also, how still he/she can stay on the table, some puppies can be very wiggly or excited which make the grooming dangerous because of the sharp tools we use.

The most important is that your puppy has a great experience, we will only do as much as he/she lets us. We will not force or get him stressed in any way.


and the temptation is hard to resist when you see them being so good on our tables.  We have provided a window so that you may see the going ons in our salon.  However, please do not stand where you furkid can see you, it gets them excited and can create a very dangerous situation for our furry friends.


Any pet found with Fleas/Ticks will be treated at the owner’s expense.


We will be glad to adjust it if you let us know and bring your pup back within 48 hours of picking up your furkid.  This does not include if you “changed your mind” and want a different clip or length than you originally told us. Please check your pet’s haircut before leaving the salon.

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