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Full Grooming


Regular Shampoo

Full Body Haircut

Nail Clipping

Ear Cleaning

Ear Plucking

As Low As $50

Bath N Brush


Soothing Bath

Light Trimming

Nail Trim

Ear Cleaning

Ear Plucking

As Low As $30

Premium Spa Shampoo

Shed Patrol Shampoo & Solution
Reduces Excessive Shedding
Call for pricing
Medicated Relieves Skin ProblemsCall for pricing
Natural Oatmeal Shampoo & Deep
Conditioner Relieves Dry Skin
& Irritation
Call for pricing
for Sensitive Skin & Coats
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Deep Cleaner De-Greaser,
Removes Tough Soils & Stains
Call for pricing
Natural Flea & TickCall for pricing


Nail PolishCall for pricing
Nail TrimCall for pricing
Nail GrindCall for pricing
Teeth BrushingCall for pricing
De-MattingCall for pricing
Anal Gland ExpressionCall for pricing
Blueberry Facial ScrubCall for pricing
Poodle FeetCall for pricing
Paw TreatmentCall for pricing

Spa Package


Premium Shampoo
Nail Grind & Polish
Teeth Brushing
Anal Gland Expression
Blueberry Fascial Scrub
Special Paw Treatment

As Low As $20




“Thank you Pamper Your Pet! I have had many pets in my lifetime but never had any groomed.  I guess there is a first time for everything.  Just had my Molly groomed at Pamper My Pet. The staff were extremely courteous and Molly came home smelling and looking beautiful. I am so happy. Thank you." Donna P

"Absolutely Love Pamper Your Pet. My dog came home looking beautiful. She did not want to leave the spa. I will be back with my best friend very soon."

Sandra W.

Pamper Your Pet

Pamper your pet today at Pamper Your Pet. We are a professional dog grooming service providing a complete list of services. Bring your furry best friend to us. They will look amazing, smell so fresh and feel great! And best of all they will be so happy to see us again!


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COVID-19 NotifcationGreetings from the staff at Pamper Your Pe - We hope everyone is safe & healthy during this difficult time.

Pamper Your Pet is back, and boy have we missed our four legged friends! We hope everyone is safe&healthy, and getting lots of quality time with their pups.

Pet grooming has been listed as an essential service in NJ. This is not for aesthetic reasons, but because of both the negative health consequences if a dog isn't groomed, as well as what can unfortunately happen when loving, but untrained, owners attempt to groom at home. We see every day the importance of providing grooming, nail trims, medicated Rx baths, and anal gland expressions to dogs that would otherwise experience these negative and, often, frankly quite painful consequences (such as matting, skin irritation and infections, overgrown/ingrown or splitting nails, ear infections, and anal gland impactions- to name a few). We have also seen firsthand what happens when genuinely well-intentioned owners try to groom their dogs on their own, and end up seriously injuring them.
(for more info about the negative impacts of grooming at home or not grooming regularly:
https://www.aspca.org/news/hair-comes-trouble-why-pets-need-regular-grooming https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/why-its-worth-having-your-dog-groomed-professionally/

**For these reasons, and after careful consideration, we will be re-opening and resuming our normal business hours, Monday through Saturday 9 am-6 pm. **

However, in addition to keeping our canine friends healthy and safe, the safety of both our customers and our staff is extremely important as well, so we will only continue to operate if we can do so safely for everyone. We have been in contact with the state, and have made several changes to our usual protocols.

First, only one customer will be allowed in the store at a time, customers and staff must wear masks, and doorknobs will be disinfected between customers. The customer will enter our new entrance, remove the leash and collar while in the holding area (taking any leashes/collars home with them), and then open the gate, letting their dog out into the main waiting area while the owner remains in the holding area just inside the door. Payments will be done by credit card (either over the phone, or in person) via the owner reading off their card number, so that no cards or cash will be handled/passed back and forth between staff and customers. Both of these things will completely eliminate any customer-to-staff contact, and will double the recommended 6 feet social distancing. In addition to our usual sanitation practices, we have added extra cleanings as an additional precaution. All our staff is following the recommended CDC guidelines in their daily lives (social distancing, avoiding public places&crowds, regular and thorough hand washing, no recent travel, etc) in order to minimize their risk.

We also ask not only our staff but our customers as well- for ANYONE who is not feeling well or has been recently exposed, please stay home. It is crucial to stay safe and take care of yourself and each other.

We want to assure you that we are taking this very seriously; doing everything in our power to ensure that we all stay as safe as possible, while still making sure that your dog is able to get whatever services he/she requires during this challenging time.

So whether it be just for a nail trim or for a full head to toe grooming, please give us a call or schedule an appointment online- we would love to see you soon!!

-Sincerely, Pamper Your Pet"